A 3 kg gold coin with diamonds has been prepared on the anniversary of the Queen of Great Britain

London: The British company has created a coin made of three and a half kilograms of gold on the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II, which is studded with 6426 diamonds and its price is estimated at 23 million dollars. In Pakistani rupees, it amounts to more than 7 billion.

The basketball-sized coin was minted by the East India Company, which was active during the British Raj. Although this company is defunct, legal permission to use its name has been obtained by a person named Sanjay Mehta. However, this commemorative coin has not been given the status of government legal tender. The currency is called ‘The Crown’ which was developed by Sanjumahta and his fellow experts.


The commemorative gold coin measures 9.6 inches in diameter, features a dozen 24-karat gold coins, and is studded with thousands of diamonds. The central coin weighs two pounds, while the gold coins on the sides weigh one ounce and are engraved with the Queen’s portrait.

Queen Elizabeth’s first-anniversary 8-pound gold coin studded with thousands of diamonds and worth seven billion Pakistani rupees. Photo: CNN

The diamonds are decorated in the shape of the British flag, which has been painstakingly crafted day and night by designers and experts from India, the UK, Singapore, Germany, and Sri Lanka. Sanjay Mehta told reporters that Queen Elizabeth II was the ‘queen of the planet’ in whose memory the masterpiece was created.

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